01. The [theme] of the conference is "Europe in the Next Century".
02. The main [theme] of the novel is the importance of love in human relationships.
03. A determination to improve social programs has been a popular [theme] during the election.
04. A popular [theme] in Karen's artwork has always been the relationship between mothers and daughters.
05. The same [theme] runs through a number of her paintings.
06. The pianist plays a number of [themes] based on Beethoven's pastoral symphony.
07. The children were singing the [theme] music from their favorite television show.
08. The high school band delighted its audience by playing the [theme] music from a number of popular movies.
09. The photographs have been organized into [thematic] groups, such as animals, love, and transportation.
10. The songs were divided [thematically] into four types.
11. Christopher Isherwood once suggested that every writer has certain subjects that they write about again and again, and most people's books are just variations on certain [themes].
12. Black music in South Africa is generally based on traditional African [themes].
13. The [theme] of a novel is sometimes explicitly stated within the story itself, either by the author or one of the characters.
14. Laurence Perrine has noted that discovering and stating the [theme] of a story is often a delicate task.
15. Peace is the dominant [theme] in Islam; peace with Allah, with one's soul, with family and friends, and with all living creatures.
16. Nationalism is a major [theme] in the literature of Panama.
17. In August of 1995, Microsoft Corp. launched its Windows '95 software system, using the Rolling Stones' tune "Start Me Up'' as its [theme] song.

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